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What’s happening in the news? What’s trending in HIV treatment and prevention? What’s the latest research in the fight against AIDS? This is your resource! Check the news feed below for the latest topics that impact our community!
Fashion And Fantasy For a Worthy Cause [Monday, June 12, 2017]
How to Disclose Your Status on a First Date [Monday, June 12, 2017]
FDA Approves Generic Version of Truvada [Friday, June 9, 2017]
What One Day Can Do! [Thursday, June 8, 2017]
Finally! A Dual-Purpose Prophylaxis Vaginal Ring [Thursday, June 8, 2017]
Yes, Pharma Companies Can Help Pay for Your Drugs [Wednesday, June 7, 2017]
Florida Man Faces Life in Prison for Allegedly Failing to Disclose Status [Wednesday, June 7, 2017]
AIDS/LifeCycle Riders Raise More Than $15.1 Million [Tuesday, June 6, 2017]
12 Years infected With HIV; HIV Medications Complera vs. Odefsey [Monday, June 5, 2017]
Honoring the Experience of Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS [Monday, June 5, 2017]
Justin at the END AIDS: The HIV Prevention and Outreach Summit in Philadelphia [Thursday, June 1, 2017]
When I Refused My HIV Medication as Protest, Uncomfortable Truths Emerged [Thursday, May 25, 2017]
Facing Liver Problems [Saturday, May 6, 2017]
How Jimmy Kimmel's Story About His Son Relates to HIV Health Care [Wednesday, May 3, 2017]
Colorado HIV Advocacy Day: Success! [Tuesday, April 25, 2017]
Sean McKenna: Life With AIDS Isn't So Damn "Fabulous" [Friday, April 21, 2017]
Med Side Effects: Thinking About How HIV Affects Us Physically [Thursday, April 20, 2017]
Shame and Stigma: Standing Strong in the Face of AIDS [Monday, April 10, 2017]
In the Loaded Act of HIV Disclosure, Violence Is Often Unspoken [Monday, April 10, 2017]
As Long-Term Survivors, We Look Back but Must Continue to Look Forward [Thursday, April 6, 2017]
All Women, All Rights at AIDSWatch 2017! [Monday, April 3, 2017]
Who We Are: Opportunities, Survival and the Ability to Dream [Monday, April 3, 2017]
A First-Time Peek From the Hill at AIDSWatch 2017 [Thursday, March 30, 2017]
Georgia's Fight to Modernize HIV Criminalization Laws [Wednesday, March 29, 2017]
My HIV Anniversary Date, With a Changed Perspective [Thursday, March 23, 2017]
The Irony of Aging: The HIV/AIDS Seniors Conference [Wednesday, March 22, 2017]
32 Years Ago Today, Everything Changed [Wednesday, March 15, 2017]
Advocating at AIDSWatch Georgia 2017 [Tuesday, February 21, 2017]
Hard to Say Who's to Blame for "Patient Zero"? [Tuesday, February 21, 2017]
While We Wait for an HIV Cure, Don't Forget to Live [Friday, February 3, 2017]
Advocates' Door [Tuesday, January 24, 2017]
A Day in the Life of an Anxious and Depressed HIV Advocate [Monday, January 23, 2017]
Challenging the Thought Process of HIV Stigma [Thursday, January 12, 2017]
Missing My Mother, I Recall How Stigma Stopped Me From Telling Her My HIV Status [Tuesday, January 10, 2017]
Giving Thanks and Sharing Thoughts About Life, Death, Justice and HIV [Tuesday, January 10, 2017]
Fighting Trump: HIV Advocates to Watch in 2017 [Tuesday, January 10, 2017]
Moving the Humanity of People With HIV Out of the Equation: How HIV Surveillance Traumatized Me [Tuesday, January 3, 2017]
New Short Film Unmasks Fear Behind HIV Criminalization [Thursday, December 8, 2016]
I Am a Woman of Color; I Am Who I Am! [Tuesday, November 29, 2016]
When It Comes to HIV Stigma, You Are the Sage You've Been Waiting For [Tuesday, November 29, 2016]
Justin's HIV Journal Videos Showcased at the Brooklyn Museum Exhibit [Tuesday, November 29, 2016]
The Changing Face of HIV [Wednesday, April 27, 2016]
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