Our History

Organized in 1993 and incorporated in 1994, the Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance, Inc. (KAA) (formerly the AIDS Services Center Coalition, Inc.) serves as our region’s central forum for strategic collaboration around HIV/AIDS prevention and care. KAA educates the community, connects services and supports to those in need and oversees the Louisville AIDS Walk, the region’s largest single-day fundraiser to support direct client services.

KAA began as the AIDS Service Center and Resource Library (reflected in our original name, the AIDS Services Center Coalition, Inc.) on the 3rd floor of the 850 Barret building, adjacent to the Metro Government Center. The AIDS Service Center was the hub of Ryan White Care Coordinator services, HIV prevention services, supportive services through the AIDS Interfaith Ministries Care Team and legal services. The AIDS Resource Center was a library of HIV/AIDS-related information ranging from latest scientific medical advances to holistic approaches to living with HIV. The Resource Center allowed hundreds of people to access to critical services and information—at a time when information was scarce and scattered.

As a means to raise awareness and funds for needed HIV services, the AIDS Service Center founded the Louisville AIDS Walk in 1993, which initially supported House of Ruth, the HIV/AIDS Legal Project at the Legal Aid Society, and AIDS Interfaith Ministries of Kentuckiana (AIM). Through the years this event has grown by leaps and bounds—engaging thousands and rallying support in remembrance, celebration, education and hope.

Today most HIV/AIDS resources are available online. KAA has grown in response to these technological advances and has focused on strategic collaboration between agencies serving those affected by HIV/AIDS. Our membership has increased from three to twelve agencies. Our community impact—the individuals and families we directly impact—can be measured in the tens of thousands.  And recently, the KAA rolled out a local strategic plan for HIV/AIDS prevention, including harm reduction and PreP … the first of its kind in our area.

We continue to grow and continue to serve—with flexibility, foresight and the power of partnership to help build momentum!
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